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The util module is a JavaScript module containing various utility functions. This is intended to be compatible with the util module in Node.js. Because this is a built-in module for accessors that subclass JSAccessor, there is no need to specify a requires tag in the interface specification. A simple use of the module in an accessor might look like this: = function() {
    var value = get(input);
    util.log('Received an input.');

The functions provided in this module are:

  • util.format(format, [...]): FIXME
  • util.debug(string): FIXME
  • util.error([...]): FIXME
  • util.puts([...]): FIXME
  • util.print([...]): FIXME
  • util.log(string): Output a message with timestamp on stdout or some other suitable output.
  • util.inspect(object, [options]): FIXME
  • util.isArray(object): FIXME
  • util.isRegExp(object): FIXME
  • util.isDate(object): FIXME
  • util.isError(object): FIXME
  • util.pump(readableStream, writableStream, [callback]): FIXME
  • util.inherits(constructor, superConstructor): FIXME

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Page last modified on May 02, 2015, at 09:21 PM