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At the TerraSwarm 2017 Annual Meeting, Professor Lee demonstrated an Augmented Reality installation. Below are notes about the hardware

The goal of the demo was to create a system that would recognize AprilTags and then, give the AprilTag ID, look up an accessor in a Key/Value store, download the accessor and run it. The accessor generated a user interface that would be displayed in the browser.

A key element of the demo is that it did not require the network.


Below are the elements of the system

NetGear Router

An inexpensive Netgear router was used to provide IP addresses via DHCP. The router was configured so that the mapping from MACs to IP addresses was hardwired. The username and password is admin/admin.


The BeagleBoneBlack was set up as the Urban Heartbeat Kit.

The BeagleBoneBlack is registered on the EECS Department network, so it can be plug in to either the demonstration network or in to the EECS Department wired network.

When the BBB is plugged in to the EECS wired network, to determine the IP address, use the Lab11 Summon app, available for iOS and Android. Enable Bluetooth on your iOS or Android device, invoke Summon and look for the device with a name that starts with sg-. Note the IP address and use


The password can be found at


The SwarmBox hosts the Key/Value store. In theory, the K/V store could be hosted on the BBB.

When the SwarmBox is plugged in to the EECS Wired Network, it is available as

Philips Hue Gateway

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