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The following objects provide bundles of functions. An accessor that uses one or more of these modules must declare that requirement using the require tag or JavaScript function.

As these modules are very much under development, these interface definitions may change. For the most up-to-date interface specifications, see the auto-generated doc files for the current version of the Ptolemy II/Nashorn host implementation of these modules.

Reasonably Well-Developed Networking Modules

Reasonably Well-Developed Image Processing Modules

  • aprilTags: Recognize and locate AprilTags in images.
  • cameras: Capture images and video from cameras on the host (built in or USB connected).
  • computerVision : OpenCV image processing library, ported to Javascript by UC Irvine and Intel.
  • image-display: Display an image.
  • imageFilters: Filter images to create new images.
  • motionDetector: Detect and locate motion in streams of images.

Node Modules

Some modules designed for Node.js are pure JavaScript with no particular dependency on Node. These can be required as well by an accessor. These include, at least,

Node Module Bundling

Sometimes pure JavaScript Node.js modules have complex module dependencies but are otherwise compatible with accessors. A tool like Browserify can be used with some additional steps to automatically bundle a complex node module into a single file.

Unfinished Modules

In case-insensitive alphabetical order, please

  • audio: Provide access to the host audio hardware.
  • ble: Provide access to Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals.
  • browser: Provide display in the default browser.
  • coapClient: Provide support for CoAP clients.
  • discovery: Provide device discovery for devices on the local area network.
  • gdp: Global Data Plane
  • GMTK: GMTK accessor that requires some setup through the webSocket? or shell accessors
  • IMUSensor: Provides bluetooth connection and packet output from Roozbeh's IMU Sensors.
  • localStorage: Provide persistent key-value storage based on local files.
  • mapManager?: Provides resources for creating maps and combining information across them.
  • mdnsClient?: mDNS and DNS-SD support.
  • mqtt: Provide support for MQTT protocol clients.
  • obd
  • rabbitmq
  • serial: Provide access to serial ports.
  • speechRecognition: Convert speech to text.
  • ssdpClient: UPnP device discovery.
  • testing: Provide testing services, including mocha, chai and sinon.
  • textToSpeech: Provide spoken word output.

To implement a module, see the Module Specification.

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Page last modified on November 07, 2018, at 08:17 PM