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  • JSDoc - Text about how we use JSDoc that used to be on this page, but has moved.
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Analysis of Other JavaScript Documentation Tools


jaguarjs-jsdoc Analysis says:

  • "jaguarjs-jsdoc (example)"
  • Last updated in January, 2015.
  • 736K sources (not including git, 9.4Mb with git)
  • MIT License

DocStrap Analysis

  • Last updated in May, 2015
  • "DocStrap"
  • 3.6Mb sources (not including git, 10.1Mb with git)
  • MIT License

jsdoc3Template Analysis

  • "jsdoc3Template (example)"
  • Last updated May 2013 Two years ago
  • 608K sources (not including git, 948K with git)
  • No License File Can't use

minami Analysis

  • minami
  • Last updated June 9, 2015.
  • 1.6Mb sources (not including git, 2.2Mb with git)
  • Apache license


Would need to be extended to handle @accessors etc.

JSDoc npm Example

Not recommended by the JSDoc page. See above. Download using git instead

  cd $PTII
  npm install jsdoc
  ./node_modules/.bin/jsdoc `find ptolemy/actor/lib/jjs -name "*.js"

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Page last modified on December 17, 2015, at 07:56 AM