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A Parameter Sweep is when a model is run a number of times with different parameters to perhaps find an optimal solution.

These two articles in Wikipedia might be of interest.

Other tools that may do parameter sweeps:

One way to do optimization in Ptolemy II would be to do a parameter sweep on a model by using the higher order component (HOC) actors such as ModelReference.

See the ModelReference actor:

and RunCompositeActor


  • ptII/ptolemy/actor/lib/hoc/test/auto/DEInPNInRunCompositeActor.xml
  • ptII/ptolemy/actor/lib/hoc/test/auto/RunCompositeActor.xml
  • ptII/ptolemy/actor/lib/hoc/test/auto/RunCompositeActor2.xml
  • ptII/ptolemy/actor/lib/hoc/test/auto/RunCompositeActor3.xml
  • ptII/ptolemy/actor/lib/hoc/test/auto/RunCompositeActor4.xml

It is also possible to use a state machine:

  • $PTII/ptolemy/domains/modal/demo/MultipleRuns/MultipleRuns.xml

Another way is to invoke the model multiple times from the command line and pass in different command line arguments. Properly escaping a string can be tricky.

Ptolemy/Kepler papers that cover Parameter Sweeps

Ptolemy/Kepler Mailing List mentions of Parameter Sweeps

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