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Browser Swarmlet Host

The browser host supports inspection of accessors in a browser, and for the ones that can execute within a browser, execution of the accessor. You can see the browser host in action at

See the Browser host tutorial for a quick overview.

See browser host documentation for detailed instructions on how to insert this host into your own web pages. This documentation is automatically generated from the source code located in hosts/browser/browser.js in the accessors repository. In that repository, in directory hosts/browser/test, a testServer.js file provides a Node.js program that starts a web server that can serve accessors from the accessors repository. This is potentially useful for offline testing or as a starting point if you wish to construct your own accessor server.

The browser host relies on and extends the common host, a platform-independent pure-JavaScript swarmlet host. At this time, the implementation is far from complete, with most optional JavaScript modules not yet implemented. See the To Do List.

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Page last modified on January 01, 2018, at 06:42 PM