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There are various possibilities for Accessors on Android.


Mobile devices provide interesting environments for the deployment of accessors because 1) they are packed with sensors, and 2) they physically move around so they introduce scenarios where resources appear and disappear. Browsers are not designed to provide access to facilities that mobile operating systems provide access to, so a separate host is needed to exploit the capabilities of mobile platforms.

There are currently two efforts towards deploying accessors on Android: one is based on Cordova, another is based on J2V8. Cordova is a platform that renders apps built using HTML, CSS, and JS and can deploy them on different platforms, including Android and Apple iOS. The Cordova Host is being developed at Berkeley. J2V8 is a JavaScript runtime that uses Google's V8 engine and runs under Mac OS X, Linux and Android. In April, 2017, Anne Ngu mentioned that one of her students had created a J2V8 Accessor Host for Android Phone.

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