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The GDP is no longer supported by the Accessors Framework. This page exists as a historical reference. describes the The Global Data Plane (GDP):

"The GDP is a middleware that provides a data-centric glue for swarm applications. The basic primitive is that of a secure single-writer append-only log stored on potentially untrusted distributed infrastructure. Logs natively support a publish-subscribe mode, making GDP a communication tool. At the same time, data in a GDP log can be stored for long-term in a fault-tolerant manner, thus making it an ideal tool for data-storage."

To use the GDP Acessors, you must have certain packages installed on your local machine.

The best way to do that is to run the script:


The idea is to use the GDP Java interface to insulate accessor development from changes to the GDP wire protocol. An alternative would be to write a GDP JavaScript Interface that uses the GDP wire protocol.

Cape Code and the GDP

Node.js and the GDP

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