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This is a proposed use case? of accessors. Perhaps it could use the Signpost


  1. The user is in a car that parks itself at a parking meter.
  2. The parking meter offers an accessor to the system on the car
  3. The car accepts that accessor and authenticates it (IotAuth)
  4. The car runs the parking meter accessor in a Sandbox
  5. The car asks the user if they want to pay using their wallet accessor.


  1. A common interface for parking meters would need be defined
    1. Current Rate and valid time period
      1. The user would state how long they want to park and the accessor would check to see if the time period was valid
    2. Valid vehicle type or permit
      1. Commercial plates with city permit can park in a yellow zone
      2. Handicap tag and person with a handicap card park for free
    3. Etc.

The key thing is that a simple interface is defined and it is up to the implementer to define how the car communicates with the parking meter.

There might be different protocols and different communication methods (BLE, WiFi etc.)


  1. Authentication: The accessor downloaded from the parking meter must be associated with the local parking meter authority, not some random person
    1. The accessor downloaded must not have been tampered with (Secure Checksum)
  2. Running the accessor in a Sandbox is a good idea

To Do

  1. Figure out what is necessary to deploy an accessor to the Signpost
    1. This could involve the Rust Host
  2. Resolve authentication issues, perhaps using IotAuth
  3. Use the Sandbox

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Page last modified on December 18, 2016, at 04:30 PM