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Accessors run in a JavaScript host that provides a standard set of functions and modules that enable the accessor to interact with devices and services.

  • Index of functions for quick reference.
  • Action Functions: A set of functions that an accessor may define that are invoked by the host to execute a swarmlet. The swarmlet host will always invoke these in such a way that the variable this is the accessor itself, which defines the functions such as input
  • Top-Level JavaScript Functions: These functions enable the accessor to get inputs and produce outputs. They also provide a small set of basic mechanisms that are commonly found in a JavaScript environment.
  • Built-In JavaScript Modules: All accessor hosts are required to support all built-in modules. Modules conform with the CommonJS Module Specification.
  • Optional JavaScript Modules: More sophisticated capabilities that may or may not be supported by a particular accessor host. These modules must also conform with the CommonJS Module Specification.
  • JSDoc, auto-generated code documentation.
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Page last modified on November 20, 2017, at 04:26 PM