Line Scanner

Updated 5th September By John Lin


This is how to attach the line scanner to the OpenRoach board, how currently the OpenRoach has any sort of direction.


So the Line scanner has 5 pins:

1. GND Ground

2. VDO Voltage /Power

3. CK (clock) - latches SI and clocks pixels out (low to high) continuous signal

4. SI (serial input to sensor) begins a scan / exposure discrete pulses, pulse must go low before rising edge of next clock pulse

5. AO (analog output) - Analog pixel input from the sensor (0-Vdd) or or tri-stated

Currently, the Code for the Sensor is

Sensor pins

  1. define clk p16
  2. define si p17
  3. define adc p18

So we need to wire the diagram

Below is the wiring documentation of how to attach it to the Zumy board.

Version history


Possibly future Camera or QR Code scanner