What is Zumy?

Zumy is a small scale tracked mobile robot build design for quick-build from mostly off-the-shelf components. The robot has both and mbed microcontroller board and an ODROID full Linux computer on board. Target applications are mobile computer vision and multi-robot coordination.

The only custom part in the robot is one PCB that is a carrier for several off-the-shelf modules. Soldering is required.
(If you would like to build a Zumy, contact the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab and we can probably supply one of these unpopulated boards.)

Running a Zumy

Follow these tutorials to get Zumy robots running with ROS.

Environment Setup

Steps to setup host computers for communication and control of Zumy robots.

Linux Computer Setup

Windows/Mac Host Computer Setup

Network Configuration

Diagnostic Tools

Embedded Configuration

Some developers find this faster than using the normal online compiler

Building a Zumy

Zumy in the lab


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